Welcome to Saltareli accessories page!

Lina Bitkeviciute

Hi, welcome to Saltareli accesories page!

My name is Lina Bitkeviciute and I am a creator . Everything named "Saltareli" is hand made by me.

A little background: I've lived and I graduated in Art (Design) in Siauliai (Lithuania) and I recently completed a Master's Degree in Image Design in the university of Porto (Portugal). I love to travel, dance and meet new people...

My commitment to "reuse" consumer waste started from a sense of social responsibility. The issue of sustainability and care for the environment is extremely essential for me.

Firstly, this topic is environmentally significant worldwide at the present. Secondly, my professional conscience encouraged me to focus on this subject. It feels contradictory that plastic bottles are meant to be friendlier to the nature yet can actually harm it if it is not recycled. I feel a personal responsibility for the state of nature and I would like to be involved in preserving our environment.

"Saltareli" by Lina Bitkeviciute

Info: lina_bitkeviciute@yahoo.com

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